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Cycle Haus Group Rides 

Road bikes recommended for all rides, helmets are required. 
Let's Play Bikes!


Tuesday 6 PM

Group Ride 20-30 miles. Average 18-20mph. Some sprints zones, but we re-group (or split into two groups)

Wednesday 6 PM

Group Ride 20-30 miles. This is our beginner or "no drop" ride, but minimum Average is 15 mph.

Thursday 6 PM

Group Ride 20-30 miles, This is an A group ride. (Average 20+) This is a no stop for drops ride.

Saturday 8 AM

We have various routes depending on turnout. 25-60 miles (2 groups: 18+ and 16
+ mph average)

Helmets are required for all rides. During night rides, a 100 lumen minimum headlamp and basic tail light are required. This is for your safety and the safety of those around you.

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